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[Update] Discover new awesome features with Astroid 3.0.12

Hola Astroid's fans,

This time I'm so happy to announce a new version of Astroid framework which comes with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Let's take a brief look at the changelog of Astroid 3.0.12 to see details of the update.

Astroid Framework 3.0.12 Changelog:


  • Add feature Enable/Disable widgets
  • Add Menu Assignment feature


  • Update quill v2.0.0
  • Improve UI/UX Select Element box
  • Update language for Off Canvas button position
  • Add rel attributes for Navigation Link
  • Improve display multiple megamenu on website
  • Add feature enable/disable link title - Navigation Widget
  • Add Link Target to the image widget
  • Update space between leading Items
  • Update article detail style
  • Update sub-categories position
  • Update Box style

Fixed bugs

  • Fix issue Mobile logo not centered on Horizontal mode
  • Fix issue Manifest Link does not work
  • Fix issue buttons does not show on Grid widget
  • Fix issue duplicate trigger beforeDisplayContent
  • Fix issue duplicate title and meta tag on Error page
  • Fix issue with Box layout
  • Fix issue does not load Image background in Error page

Enable/Disable widgets

Disable element

An element is disabled in the layout.


Enable element

An element is enabled in the layout.

Apart from adding rows, columns, nested columns, and inserting widgets into a layout, you're now capable of turning off or turning on the widget element in a blink of an eye. The disabled element will still exist on the backend, but users will not see them on the live site.

You can see the eye icon when hovering on an element, and you should click on it to enable or disable the element.

Widget's Menu Assignment feature

Astroid Widget AssignmentWidget Assignment

Since Astroid version 3.0.12, you can assign a widget to specific pages, which is quite similar to the module's menu assignment of Joomla. By editing a widget in a layout, you can find it in the widget Assignment tab of the element. You can choose between all pages, No pages, or Only on the pages selected. If you choose to display the widget on the page selected, a list of menu items will appear for you to choose one by one.

Astroid Widget AssignmentAssign the widget to specific menu items.

  • On all pages: the widget will be visible on all pages of your website
  • No pages: the widget will be invisible on all pages
  • Only on the pages selected: the widget is only shown on selected menu items

Why are you hesitant to implement the update? Let's start to upgrade Astroid 3.0.12 today to take advantage of the latest goodies. Don't forget to share with us your feedback and contact us if there are any problems.

You can update the component using the single-click updater in Joomla or download the latest package on Github, then install it manually. If you have any problem with the update, don't hesitate to contact us or post your issues HERE

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