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How to manage the Blog Options for Articles List View

How to configure Article Type Icon:

Any article can be converted to the following 5 types other than just being a Regular article. Each type has its own set of options that are as follows:

  • Video Options: If you choose a video type then you have the option of adding either a Youtube or Vimeo video link and choosing whether you want to show the thumbnail or not and where would you want to position it within the article.

  • Gallery Options: If you choose a gallery type article then set its width, add images, set its position within the article, choose to show or hide the thumbnail & navigation.

  • Audio Options: If you choose your type as audio then you can set it either as Spotify or Soundcloud types only. In case of spotify you need to add the song URL & in case of Soundcloud you need to add the embed code.

  • Review Options: For a review type article, you need to mention every detail of the review like title, summary, good & bad points, ratings, what are the review criteria and their ratings and more such.

  • Quote Options: For a quote type article, you simply need to write the quote and its author and set its position within the article.

How to configure Article Badge:

Article badge signifies the popularity of the article among others. This option appears just below the article type icon configuration.

We also have a list of some of the common article badges used like Editor’s Choice, Best Seller, Trending, Hot, Best Price and Custom.

If you choose Custom type badge then you have the following options available:

  • Badge Label- Add a label name of your choice.
  • Badge BG Color- Set the background color of the badge.
  • Badge Text Color- Set the color of badge text.

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