Astroid Framework

Open source framework for designers and developers to create responsive, fast & robust Joomla based websites and templates.


  1. Animation: You can also customize the animation of your dropdown menus, you can set it to None, Slide or Fade.
  2. Animation Speed: Depending upon the animation you choose from the Animation option you can also set its speed. The value is set in milliseconds and its maximum value can be up to 4000ms.
  3. Easing: This functions specifies the speed at which an animation progresses at different points within the animation. You can choose the type of easing from the various options provided: linear, swing, EaseInQuad, EaseOutQuad, EaseInOutQuad, EaseInCubic, EaseOutCubic, EaseInOutCubic, EaseInQuart, EaseInQuart, EaseInQuart, EaseInQuint, EaseOutQuint, EaseInOutQuint, EaseInSine, EaseOutSine, EaseInOutSine, EaseInExpo, EaseOutExpo, EaseInOutExpo, EaseInCirc, EaseOutCirc, EaseInOutCirc, EaseInElastic, EaseOutElastic, EaseInOutElastic, EaseInBack, EaseOutBack, EaseInOutBack, EaseInBounce, EaseOutBounce and EaseInOutBounce.

Panda Bui