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Astroid Framework 2.6.4 Is Available

Hola Astroid's users,

Today I'm back with another important update of Astroid framework, coming with several fixes and improvements. Besides addressing well-known issues encountered in the prior version, we are also bringing you a new feature that might make your day. 

Since Astroid version 2.6.4, you'll find a new block position 2 added to Horizontal Header. You're able to assign it to a module position, custom HTML or leave it blank. 
header block 2


  • Add block position 2 for Horizontal Header


  • Update Bootstrap 5.3.0
  • Update FontAwesome 6.3.0
  • Update Banner Link Target
  • Update Astroid Language
  • Update Copyright information
  • Update Astroid Cache Module language
  • Improve Stack Divided Style

Fixed bugs

  • Fix issue Two (Sticky) headers
  • [PHP8.2] Fix issue Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property
  • Fix the issue MinifyCSS wrong file name
  • Fix issue when line height is zero
  • Fix the issue load Font Awesome from CDN when minify CSS
  • Fix issue call language property when $menuItem is null
We highly recommend users always keep the component up-to-date, in order to avoid unexpected problems. The update procedure is completely straightforward. You can update the component using the single-click updater in Joomla or download the latest package on Github, then install it manually. If you have any problem with the update, don't hesitate to contact us or post your issues HERE

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