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Astroid Framework 2.6.3 is here

Dear Astroid fans,

Today I'm so happy to introduce Astroid Framework 2.6.3 is already available. This version comes with several updates, bug fixes, and improvements.
Let's take a brief look at what's included in this updated batch. We highly recommend that you should upgrade the framework to the latest version to enjoy added goodies and avoid well-known issues. In case there is something with the update, pls contact us or post your issues HERE


  • Update clear cache objects
  • Update stacked block 2 postion style
  • Update sticky header style support Canvas Position

Fixed bugs

  • Fix issue load form from template
  • Fix issue replace Astroid:include when func return null
  • Fix Deprecated str_replace is null in Includer.php
  • Fix issue file_exists(): File name is longer than the maximum allowed path length
  • Fix issue can not select Large column in Responsive layout
  • Fix issue switch between preset style
  • Fix issue remove attribute quote in minifyHTML
  • Fix JS Error "joomla-hidden-mail" if Minify JS is enabled
  • Fix issue load Google Font API when minify CSS
  • Fix error html validate in Mega Menu


  • Improve Divided Header style
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