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[Update] Astroid Frameework 2.6.2 Is Available Now

Hi Astroid users, 
Today we are here today with another release of Astroid Framework 2.6.2 which includes improvements and bug fixes. Thanks to the feedback from users, we did address known issues on time to ensure our users’ maximum convenience. Let's take a brief look at what is added in this new version.

Astroid Framework 2.6.2 Changelog:


  • Update clear CSS Cache function

  • Update FontLib to Version 0.5.4

Fixed bugs

  • Fix the issue Undefined constant ASTROID_JOOMLA_VERSION when calling from J4 API

  • Fix the issue does not load template.css in JCE Editor

About the update, In the previous version, you might face the issue when cleaning the Astroid cache, the media/templates/site/astroid_template_one/css/custom.css is deleted, while it should clear compiled files only. This issue was not pleasant at all, but we addressed it instantly in version 2.6.2. Besides that, Font Library has already been up-to-date for the sake of user experience. 

We suggest that you should update the framework to this latest version to enjoy the mentioned improvements. If you encounter any issues related to the framework, don't hesitate to post them HERE or contact us to. Our team let us know your thoughts. We are happy to hear your feedback.

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