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[Update] Astroid 2.5.19 ready for Joomla 4.2: New Features, Fixes, And More

Dear Astroid fans, 

Joomla 4.2 has recently been released with a bunch of features and improvements, and I'm sure that most of you are eager to upgrade your websites to this latest version of Joomla. To keep you ahead, we worked hard on Astroid Framework and made it compatible with Joomla 4.2. 

Today I'm extremely excited to announce that a new version of Astroid has been released, along with new features, updates and well-known bug fixes. 

Astroid 2.5.9 Changelog:

New features: 
  • Add typography style for Mobile Menu
  • Add Article preset function
  • Update meta og:image tag display
  • Update Astroid Partner Link
Fixed Bugs:
  • Fix issue query part is not set
  • Fix issue with loadForm() when saving an article on front-end
  • Fix issue declare astroidInstallScript class on Joomla 4.2
  • Fix language missing in the multi-language menu
  • Fix issue mod_login in J4.2
  • Fix Astroid link
  • Fix read time issue
  • Fix issue Deprecation behavior:modal in Joomla 4
  • Fix issue Alert message can't close - Frontend Edit
  • Fix known deprecated issues in PHP 8.1
We highly recommend that you should update the framework to the latest version to ensure your websites smoothly work without encountering those mentioned bugs. Beside that, feel free to contact us if you have any Astroid-related questions or feedback. 

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