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[Update] Astroid Framework 2.5.18 is here with new features and tons of goodies

Hi folks, today I would like to inform you about a new version of Astroid Framework 2.5.18. This time, it comes with awesome new features and improvements that you will certainly be delighted with. Let's take a brief look at what's included in this update. 

Astroid 2.5.18 Changelog

New Features
  • Add a new Preset system
  • Add new Preset options for Colors and Typography
  • Update Sidebar Mobile style
  • Update Overlay Color description language
  • Update Web Manifest Description Language.
  • Fix issue Open Graph does not display property
  • Fix issue javascript preview when changing typography
  • Fix error 404 load Cassiopeia & Update v2.5.18
  • Fix issue when loading from old Preset system
  • Fix issue when removing a Sass Override item

Regarding new features, we added a new preset system that allows you to load the default presets of colors and Typography. This feature somehow can save your day when you wish to get back the default settings of the theme color and typography after making changes previously.

typo preset

color preset

Besides the new features, we also updated several things and addressed known issues with Open Graph, Javascript, the old preset system, and others. Let's start updating the framework today to enjoy all the above goodies. In case you encounter any problem with the framework, don't hesitate to contact us to get support. We're always looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Download It On GitHub!

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