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[Update] Astroid 3.0.15 Ready - New Feature & More Astroid Widgets Released

Hi, our beloved Astroid's fans,

A new version of the Astroid framework is already available with tons of goodies including new features, updates, and bug fixes. This time, you'll find 4 more of Astroid's awesome addons added to the widget list. And a new feature has also come with this update batch, which will be interesting to give it a shot. Let's find out what are the new goodies mentioned. 

4 more Astroid widgets released

New Astroid Widgets added

In this release, you can have 4 more awesome widgets added to the library, which scales up to 16 widgets in total. Making use of these powerful and flexible widgets will help you build up your site easily and effortlessly. 

  • Testimonial Widget: This widget lets you easily add testimonial sections to your website. You can use these sections to showcase feedback, reviews, or quotes from clients, customers, or users. 
  • Accordion Widgets:  This widget allows you to display text in a collapsed, condensed manner, saving space while presenting abundant content. Visitors can see condensed titles and selectively expand items for more detailed information.
  • Form Builder Widget:  This widget allows website owners to collect information from visitors. Visitors enter this information into the form and submit it to the website owner. These submissions can either be sent to the website database or as an email. 
  • Map Widget:  This widget is a really simple way to present your location map on your website. This is very useful for contact pages, so your visitors can know where you are located.

Add feature display menu via a Module Position

Site Menu Position Feature

This brand-new feature allows you to choose a menu display method. You have 2 options for this: using the default to display the Joomla menu directly, or via a module position, which means you can choose a menu module to present the main menu. When you enable to display menu position, you'll see options to choose the module position for both desktop and mobile menus.

Regardless of new widgets and the new features, Astroid 3.0.15 also brings you a bunch of improvements and updates on previous prebuilt Arrticle, Button, Heading, Image, Grid, Image Group widgets, enhancement on UI UI performance, light & dark mode, subform field, and many others.  

Let's have a brief look at what was added in this update!

Astroid Framework 3.0.15 Changelog:


  • Add Testimonial Widget
  • Add Map Widget
  • Add Astroid Captcha & Form Builder Widget
  • Add feature display menu via a Module Position
  • Add Accordion Widget


  • Update loadCaptcha function
  • Add feature call ajax for Widgets
  • Improve Subform field
  • Improve UI/UX for Modal view
  • Improve Video Background Overlay
  • Improve Article Widget
  • Update dark, light mode for Carousel slider
  • Add Border render function
  • Add Border field and Improve Vue Script
  • Improve transition for Light Up Effect
  • Improve Button Widget add the target
  • Improve Image, Heading and Image Group Addon
  • Improve Grid widget style
  • Add Button Text Type
  • Improved Grid Image widget
  • Improved Image Group widget
  • Improve the button style for Slideshow Widget

Fixed bugs

  • Fix issue Author Info return null value #670
  • Fix issue Color mode switcher always visible in Sticky Header #660
  • Fix issue iconv - Detected an illegal character in input string #683
  • Check if first char of id is number then replace with a string

Apart from new widgets and the new feature, Astroid 3.0.15 also came with several important bug-fixes. So let's start to update Astroid version to discover goodies and get rid of well-known bugs. You can update the component using the single-click updater in Joomla or download the latest package on Github, then install it manually. If you have any problem with the update, don't hesitate to contact us or post your issues HERE

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